Boarding Prices 

Holiday Farms has four kennel sizes to comfortably board any size dog:
Size Price
2’ x 3.5’ $22.00 per day
3’ x 6’ $24.00 per day
3’ x 13’ $28.00 per day
4.5’ x 13’ $30.00 per day

Discounts are available for dogs that stay 16 days or more. A second dog in the same kennel is 50% off. If you have three dogs in the same kennel, the third is 75% off.  Like a hotel, Holiday Farms charges from the day you come in until noon the next day. For example, check in Thursday at 8:00 a.m. and check out Friday before 12:00 p.m. equals one day’s board. If you checked out after 12:00 p.m., you would be charged for two days.


Day Care 

For only $17.70 per day, your dog can run and play with the gang. If you have two dogs a 50% dicount applies to the second dog. Day Care is available between business hours Monday - Friday. An excellent way for your dog to get used to boarding, day care gives them the idea that they are coming to play, and that you are coming back to get them. Day Care not available on weekends or holidays, regular boarding prices apply.

Day Care is not available over the Christmas Holidays or March Break.
Bath & Nails Before Home ?

Holiday Farms is happy to bath your dog before going home. If you are interested in the his service please schedule the bath at the time of booking.
            Bath before Home?