Holiday Farms requires that your dog has all its shots up to date including the Bordetella Canine Cough vaccine. The Bordetella vaccine is not normally given by most Veterinarians unless they know the dog is going to be boarded. If your dog does not have the Bordetella Vaccine it should be given at least a week prior to coming.


Holiday Farms supplies bowls for your dog however we do require that you supply your dog with their own food.  Please no glass bowls or containers.  We have a refrigerator to handle canned food and will feed your pet according to your instructions. Remember your dog will play 5 times per day, please bring enough food.

At Holiday Farms we recommend you bring your dog’s favourite blanket from home. Please bring blankets or beds that can go in a washer. If your dog uses a crate, our kennels are large enough to handle them as well. Toys from home are also welcome.